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Certified by the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS), we provide highly qualified and technically sound services to conduct inspections, surveys or examinations of marine vessels to assess, monitor, and report on their condition.  Services provided include inspecting equipment intended for new or existing vessels to ensure compliance with various standards or specifications.

  • Condition and Valuation Surveys – we provide clear and concise reports on the current condition of the vessel and will provide you an ASA accredited valuation on your asset.

  • On/Off Charter Surveys – we provide the owner or charter a detailed survey of the condition of the vessel before it goes on charter, or after being released from charter.

  • Damage & Repair – we survey a vessel that has been involved in an incident and document the damage incurred and make recommendations on repairs necessary to return to certificated service.

  • New Construction Oversight – we represent the owner and TPO during the new construction process to ensure the vessel is built to regulatory standards and provide the USCG objective evidence of the same.

  • Drydock and Internal Structural Examinations in preparation of regulatory inspections – we provide a detailed survey report identifying those structural areas of your vessel that need to be repaired or addressed in order to meet the CG guidelines.

  • Owners Representative for regulatory inspections – we are your representative during CG mandated COI, drydock, and Internal Structural Examinations for all certificated vessels.

  • Pre-Sire inspections – for those vessels enrolled in the SIRE program, we will inspect your vessel to identify issues that might prevent your vessel from being accepted by the major oil companies.

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